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With all the standard features you'd expect, plus powerful script execution, file versioning and more our backup client makes no compromises and your backup tasks much easier.

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Security Specialists.

In our infancy Sequranet specialized exclusively in storing highly-sensitive health patient data with internally developed encryption and file fragmentation standards. Today those standards are applied to all offered services.

By combining exclusively Canadian datacentres with our security practices Sequranet offers reliable, redundant off-site storage solutions that provide our customers the utmost peace of mind.

We currently store over 2 million digital health assets.

Imaging & BMR.

Incorporate regularly scheduled Windows disk backups, creating bare-metal disk images that may be used to recover systems via Windows Recovery environments. System state backups are another option.

Synchronize Locally.

Choose to store selected portions of your backups locally, online, or both with no extra fees. For example you may store your critical file data in the cloud, but keep your BMR backups on a local network or USB drive.

Powerful Scripting Options.

Build it yourself with robust scripts that you have full control over. Schedule script execution before and or after backups are set to run.

Scripts are executed from a simple UNC target location specified in our client, providing an unlimited range of potential custom solutions from complex API systems to single-job scripts.

Have the best of both worlds.

Together our unparalelled cloud pricing and robust backup client offer solutions for enterprise and small businesses alike.

Block-Level Sync.

256-Bit AES Encryption.

Windows 10 Compatible.

100% Canadian Datacentres.

Native SQL Integration.

Seeded Backup Services.

Unlimited File Versioning.

Full System Imaging & BMR.

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